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By Greg Evans. Fate of the Furious actor Tyrese Gibson is doing some damage control after a public relations crash earlier this week.

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However, it comes with a cost, you gonna put a lot of miles on yourself down there, come on. My mother taught me better than this…. For the record I'm far from a misogynist, a male chauvinist or flat out mean….

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My intentions were there but my delivery fucking horrible…. And clearly all the way off….

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And for that I sincerely apologize to all of the ladies… Even after this apology…. Some may likely decide to NOT forgive me…. Time and consistency heals all wounds….

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Although I've been consistently for years speaking on these topics and some of the same words in my message, I have never experienced what I am experiencing right now. Please accept this as my sincere apology for my poor choice of words — Shit gets real when it goes from a social media dragging to my own wife giving me the side eye and coming at me, even she's not happy with the way I've conducted myself….

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This is a real lesson learned… This is not just a regular IG post for me. I was raised to think and feel certain ways, and I'm learning new things that combat those messages. I am not perfect or all knowing, nor am I the one to claim to be.

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I've learned things through experience which I share, and through these last couple of weeks, I've learned a lot through this well deserved internet dragging…… This is about a man owning up to his actions, taking responsibility, recognizing how to do better, and actually doing better.

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